notable coffee

Project 41, sitting high on O’Connell Terrace, packs a clutch of killer apps: an immaculate Victoria Arduino Black Eagle coffee machine and a trio of accompanying grinders chewing through three very different varieties of beans.

There’s a reliably potent Blackstar blend, a sweeter Costa Rican import courtesy of The Odyssey Project, and a rotating invitational – all sold at different price points. That’s how serious owner Kieran Westlake is about his coffee.

Westlake’s business partner Stefan Blee is equally serious about food. Breakfast is coconut, goji and almond granola sitting next to sous-vide thick-cut bacon subs. Lunch features an imaginative selection of salads, jaffles and slow-cooked meats: try a smoked hock monsieur, or a shredded raw salad with beetroot, wombok, dates and caraway.

The space itself is bright and airy. It’s fitted with rare pine, white tiles and caesar stone, with a neat selection of succulents scattered about the place. The prime position is at the open bay windows looking onto O’Connell Terrace and the exhibition grounds beyond. The only embellishment is a vivid spray painted portrait that watches over the morning commuters and caffeine jackers – they come curious and leave converted.