Tucked into the heart of Samford, The Store of Requirement is more than a shop, it’s an experience. Enter through the wooden doors and be enthralled by floating candles, owls, broomsticks, stained-glass windows and cinematic music – you’ll feel as though you’re at Hogwarts.

This magical souvenir shop is Brisbane’s first Harry Potter store. It opened on July 31 – on Harry’s birthday, of course.

Store co-owner and Potter fan Sharon Hurley says the response has been overwhelmingly positive, despite her own family’s concerns in the beginning. “They think I’m mad,” she says. “When I mentioned [I was opening a Harry Potter store] to people they’d be like, ‘Well that’s a bit silly.’ I did it anyway.”

There’s something for everyone; from $5 keychains to $500 chess sets, wands, wallets, bags, robes, ties, mugs, slippers, journals and books are all among the Harry Potter paraphernalia. Hurley plans to add a cafe where fans can buy butter beer and cakes while relaxing on the lounges.

The Store of Requirement is the result of a successful online pop culture store run by Hurley and her daughter, Bryce. Hurley says Harry Potter merchandise was so popular it was only a matter of time before she opened a bricks-and-mortar shop.

“For over a year I’ve been thinking I need a shop and I need the right place,” she says. “[Samford is] a quirky area and it’s perfect.”

The Store of Requirement
22 Station Street, Samford Village
07 3289 7351

Wed to Sun 10am—5pm