Lutwyche is brimming with Pilates, yoga and fitness studios but – until now – there’s never been a bathhouse.

Bathhouses are a growing trend across the country – from Sydney’s Icebergs sauna, cliffside Scandi-inspired sauna and inner-city bathhouses to Victoria’s spas and hot springs, and high-end rejuvenation clinics in Adelaide. Identifying a gap in the local market, Madeleine Snaith and Jake Salomone have opened a Mediterranean-inspired bathhouse in Brisbane. The pair have previously opened two Pilates and yoga under the Contro name, and are changing things up with the new bathhouse.

“Our main thing was setting ourselves apart by not being communal,” Snaith told Broadsheet. “You come in, you’ve got your own room, your own shower, you don’t have to share anything … You [can] jump between services or have a weekly regime.”

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Each room has a different purpose. Some rooms are pretty traditional, like the steam and infrared sauna, while other services – like the mineral soakers, red-light therapy bed and contrast therapy room where you can hop between a sauna and ice bath – are “more science-backed”, the owners say.

Salomone, who also owns a construction business, took on the build and fit-out of Contro Wellness. The reception space features polished monochromatic stone tiling and small sculptures in recessed shelves. Doors separate this space from the rooms, allowing further privacy for guests. Past these doors, the arched, echoey hallway feels like a new-age Grecian amphitheatre. Nine private therapy rooms line a hallway that stretches towards an elegant olive tree.

When Broadsheet visited, it was the last session of the opening day. Despite how busy they’d been, Snaith and Salomone made us feel like guests in a cream-coloured, well-plumbed home. Snaith explained the service thoroughly and made sure we had everything we needed – herbal tea, earplugs, a button to change the colour of the lights. Then, they left us to float. We left feeling deeply rested and almost too relaxed to drive home.

Contro Wellness
488 Lutwyche Road, Lutwyche
0423 257 517