As an Adelaide native, interior architect Ryan Genesin knows a lot about the out-of-town getaways that South Australia has to offer. And having moved away and come back (he returned to Adelaide from Melbourne in 2008 to found Genesin Studio), he also knows the value of seeing it all through fresh eyes.

“I always thought about treating Adelaide like another city that we’re exploring rather than … our own hometown,” he says. “Because sometimes you get complacent, where you think you know everything that’s happening.”

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Genesin recommends these five retreats that balance cosy comforts with the beauty of the Australian landscape.

Southern Lodge, Kangaroo Island
“It’s tranquil and arid. Kangaroo Island is quite beautiful. It’s not cheap, so it’s definitely more of a special-occasion place. It’s the secret gem of SA. When people come down here from overseas, they always try to go somewhere remote. And they find their way to this lodge. There’s more growth happening now on Kangaroo Island, so there’s some new thinking happening around the island. It’s not just the backyard of SA.”

Kingsford Homestead
McLeod’s Daughters was filmed there. You drive down dusty open roads and you pop up in the gully, a really beautiful little spot more toward the hills. We went there with the bridal party for a friend’s wedding. You can book out the main space to make it affordable [for a group]. It’s very private – you can’t see any other houses. It’s just a simple country getaway, really.”

“This is in the Adelaide hills, another little getaway. It’s a bit greener. We went there in winter, so it was nice and cold but still cosy. And it’s not too far away, so if you’ve got friends coming from interstate or overseas, sometimes longer journeys aren’t preferred. It’s quite close to the CBD, rather than driving out further to the wine regions. They have grounds to do [weddings] and other events. Going from Kingsford to Marybank, they have a very different landscape [to each other]. This is more rocky cliffs, versus more arid farmland.”

Seppeltsfield Vineyard Cottage
“My wife and I went there for our wedding anniversary. It’s like a more special version of a B&B … it’s nice to have a simple rustic vibe and wake up to a calm morning without traffic. The food is simple and everything’s usually procured locally, so it’s a nice country breakfast. It’s also about making things simple rather than overcomplicating life. Sometimes you’ve got to take that slow road, which is quite nice.”

Port Elliot Caravan Park
“We went there growing up, and over the years they’ve pumped money into the caravan park. Going back there in recent times with my own kids, I’ve reminisced about how fun it was being beachside as a kid, running around with no shoes on. The beaches there are really nice – Port Elliott and Horseshoe Bay. If you’re learning to surf or bodyboard, there are good little coves. We usually stay in the cabins at the caravan park, but they do have tents and caravans. Even if you aren’t with kids, it’s a good spot to get close to the beach.”

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