Winter is here. Luckily there’s still plenty to do in the cold months, it just takes a tad more motivation. It helps that our city is prepared, whether with endless entertainment options, dinners to do, and fashions to fish out and fondle. Here’s a snapshot of what we love this month and why, by Broadsheet in partnership with Stella Artois.

Go to a show

Luca Brasi
  • When it’s fresh outside and you don’t fancy staying under three layers of blankets for the evening, fill up your weekends with live music. You know, how people used to socially interact with music before the internet. Break it down in the middle of a crowd at The Gov on June 22 with singalong Tasmanian punk dudes Luca Brasi. Just you, a cold beer, and another ritualistic attempt at briefly capturing those infernal elusive emotions. Luca

  • If what you really want is to hear the older stuff – but still over a beer – then head to Supermild for Supers Retro Sunday on June 11. DJ Craig (as if you don’t know him) will be cranking the dusty gramophone material from 11pm to get you swing dancing. Yes: it’s a public holiday the next day. Thanks Queen. Supers Retro

  • In a few weeks the year will officially be half over. How the hell did that happen so fast? Turn the corner in style by grabbing tickets to D.D Dumbo at Fat Controller. Oliver Perry’s silky pop will soothe the fact that tax time now looms. Sing and forget. D.D

    DD Dumbo at Fat Controller


Getting theatrical

Disco Mexico
  • Theatre isn’t confined to the stage. Alex Klaut’s newly opened Disco Mexico taqueria on Gouger Street features a brass-topped bar, a projector beaming movies onto the wall and a giant disco ball. Oh and there’s the food: delicious fuss-free tacos and quesadillas from Mexican-born chef Alejandro Huerta (ex-Lucky Lupitas). Disco Mexico Opens on Gouger

  • On Saturday 24, the Dom Polski Centre is hosting a Polish summer solstice party to celebrate ancient Slavic festivities. Includes paczki donuts, small goods and party band The Baker Boys. Cannot confirm if polka experience a pre-requisite. A Midsummers

  • If you like a little theatrics with your dinner and drinks you won’t want to miss Post Dining. A four-course dining experience held on the winter solstice, the show sold out at the previous two Adelaide Fringe Festivals. The dinner claims to “alter the way we interact with food, dining and each other.” Such alteration begins with the purchase of tickets before they’re gone. Happens Friday June 23 at the Producers Hotel on Grenfell Street. Producers

    Post Dining at the Producers Hotel


Stella Artois Suggests

Lola's Garden range by Julie White
  • Every silk scarf and specialty sock that comes out of textile designer Julie White’s studio is stamped with her signature hand-drawn prints of Australian plants and animals. The local artist’s latest collection, Lola’s Garden, is inspired by her great aunt, who helped White make the connection between art and nature. “We shared a special connection that helped me discover my love for the Australian landscape [and] bush exploring,” says White. With wild native bush flowers, postage stamp edges and even “a critter or two” among her patterns, this month we’re loving White’s colourful, stylish tribute to Australian wildlife. Julie

Keep it Cruelty-free

Vegan pizza
  • Curious about just how delicious vegan food can be? Pop by the Adelaide Central Markets on June 9 and catch a preview cooking demo for The Vegan Festival. Though it’s not held until October 28 and 29 in Victoria Square, this sneak peek will get you inspired for winter. Vegan Cooking

  • It’s a good month to be vegan. On June 10, the day after the Vegan Festival preview, the Vegan Pub Crawl returns for its second year. There are shirts and an official pre-pub crawl dinner at the Austral Hotel before it ventures into the night. Come for the friendship and drinks, stay for the absence of animal products. Vegan Pub

  • Exercise your rights but don't forget to exercise your body. The Bohemian Bicycle Ride is a handy way to do it. On June 24, get your two-wheels out and spend a day exploring “the hidden corners” of Adelaide, featuring music, food and dance. Extremely bohemian. Bohemian Bicycle

    The Bohemian Bicycle Ride


Challenge the norm

SWOP fashion
  • Tucked away in a basement on Hindley Street, SWOP Clothing Exchange is easy to miss. You know what that means? A lair of secondhand gems not everyone knows about. Score. SWOP buys clothing from customers to resell. You can either sell yours for cash or double its value by getting credits for the store. SWOP recently collaborated with seamstress Natalie Ivanov for a collection, some of which can be bought in-store now. SWOP Clothing

  • Another Adelaide initiative alert: the University of Adelaide is holding a free presentation on the innovative ways its research is used. The uni has claims to penicillin, the Sydney Olympic torch and the world’s fastest road cycling helmet. It happens on June 13. Tickets are free but you need to book. Invented in

  • Smaller on the scale but no less inventive, Folly Press is a new label started by local writer Anthony Nocera. It supplies t-shirts as well as a cheeky little risograph printed zine. Support local produce. Folly

    Folly Press t-shirt


Rituals: Things We’ll Love Doing Repeatedly This Month

  • Sorting through the wardrobe for clothes to sell at SWOP.

  • Venturing down to the McLaren Vale farmers market.

  • Having a Sunday drink in a scarf on the 2KW rooftop.

  • Throwing house parties to stay inside.

  • Making lots and lots of soup.

  • Seeing bands in warm venues.