After working at Michelin Star restaurants in Japan, chefs Scott Huggins and Emma McCaskill were offered a homecoming role to revitalise Penfolds’ Magill Estate restaurant.

Taking cues from their work in Japan and remaining true to their local ingredients, Huggins and McCaskill offer a fine dining experience that showcases their surroundings as well as the enviable cellars they have access to. They make use of their close relationships with farmers in the area, only looking interstate when a particular ingredient is not available.

The menu is a seven-course degustation that changes almost daily, depending on what suppliers have in stock or which wines are prime for the drinking. Wines can be matched for an additional $100, or $250 with Penfolds’ heritage-listed Grange, Magill Estate shiraz and Reserve Bin A chardonnay.

Courses might consist of partridge, jamon and last year’s pickled peach; Mayura Wagyu, asparagus and sesame; crab, almond and artichoke; or chocolate, roasted barley and fig.

The stunning interior incorporates the vineyard views while a distinctive design that makes impressive use of hanging orbs creates an other-worldy atmosphere to match the meal. If it all seems a bit much, step over to Magill Estate Kitchen for a more casual take on the same thing.