Cos 18 Leigh

12:00pm - 3:00pm
6:00pm - 12:00am
18 Leigh Street Adelaide 5000



outdoor area
late night dining
takes reservations

Once the head office of the Anglican Church, Cos 18 Leigh is regarded as an icon in the Adelaide dining scene. Though it’s been around since 2003, nowadays it’s up against a myriad of trendy new bars and eateries. Luckily that’s no problem – Cos 18 Leigh’s strength is adaptability.

The beautiful old building has held onto its classic charm, but tables and chairs change to suit demands and tastes. The menu has evolved, too – there’s a “supper club” that runs from 10pm–1am on Friday and Saturday. It serves grilled sandwiches, fries and beef tartare.

Eating inside typical dining hours is a little more refined. The menu centres on dry aged steak and fresh seafood. It’s local and ingredient focused. Simplicity is the key and care is taken to not overcomplicate the flavours in each dish. A “trust the chef” option is available – it leaves the kitchen in control of feeding you slowly.

Far from its chipboard-and-white-tablecloth past, the continual re-brands and menu changes are what keep this slice of Adelaide dining history alive and buzzing.