6:00pm - 12:00am
285 Rundle Street Adelaide 5000
(08) 8227 0344

Blackwood’s menu, featuring schnitzel, Nonna’s minestrone and a kilo of pipis, is hardly the fine-dining spread its chef, Jock Zonfrillo, presents upstairs at Orana. But that’s the point.

Zonfrillo is globally acclaimed for using native Australian ingredients and highlighting Indigenous culture and knowledge. While those flavours can still be found at Blackwood, they appear on a more familiar bistro-style menu.

The former Street ADL space hasn’t changed much but feels different. It’s still relaxed but is more “dine in” than “sit and drink”. High communal tables made way for intimate seating, though one remains for larger groups.

The bar serves an impressive selection of gin mixed with special native touches such as finger limes and Geraldton wax. Sommelier Louis Schofield assists with low-intervention wines from across the globe. Krug, which is part of the Orana offering, is available downstairs at $45 a glass.



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