Days after The Pot’s transformation into neighbourhood pasta bar, Nido, Simon Kardachi and Adam Liston acquired the digs three doors down for an entirely different concept.

Come August, the large corner site will become Joybird, a “next-level” charcoal-chicken shop.

It’s your local suburban chicken shop, tricked up. Studio-Gram (who worked on Shobosho and several of Kardachi’s venues) will kit out the 120-seater venue. In the kitchen, a $45,000 custom grill will cook the birds Portuguese-style: butterflied (“We open them up so they cook quicker and it brings in more flavour”, says Liston) and grilled in baskets over coals.

“We’re trying to do a lot of the things we do at Shobosho but at a more accessible level,” says Liston. “So we’ve engaged the guys who built our kitchen for Shobosho to design our new grill … there’s a holding oven in it that has steam that allows the chicken to stay moist.”

You’ll be able to choose from three types of seasoning – dry spice, honey soy, and a “Balinese-style curry” – and sides such as chicken-fat-roasted potatoes and barbequed-corn salad. He’ll also serve sandwiches cooked over fire. “We’re trying to recreate the yiros in a way,” says Liston. “I’ve always said yiros are the best fucking things in the world.

“There will be some fried food but the bulk of what’s on the menu is cooked over fire, with a bunch of really good, funky sides with influences from parts of Asia, the Middle East, Australia – all the things we grew up eating as kids but with a focus on it being healthy.”

Ollie Margan (Maybe Mae, West at Henley) is also a partner, so expect top-notch cocktails alongside local wines and Asahi tinnies.

Joybird is expected to open in August.

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Updated: April 6th, 2019

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