Adelaide may not have the glut of all-hours meals of bigger cities, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find a crop of tireless venues burning the midnight oil to keep late-night diners fed, from chefs and bartenders after a shift, to groups of revellers who want to keep the party going. Here are some of the best.

May Q

Beer and fried chicken wings until 2am.

13 Leigh Street, Adelaide

Fung Shing

Take a seat at this (very) late-night hole-in-the-wall and make sure to order the black pepper beef.

158 Gouger Street, Adelaide

Sunny's Pizza

The kitchen at Sunny's serves pizza and "not pizza" until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

17 Solomon Street, Adelaide


A New York-style deli which serves up classic midnight craving fare such as fried and fried pickles until 2am.

260A Rundle Street, Adelaide


A vibing New-Orleans themed bar with a food menu filled with Creole and Cajun hits. It changes regularly but will always include the crowd-favourite fried chicken.

28 Vardon Avenue, Adelaide

Hains and Co

Question: Where can you get a cheese platter at 1am? Answer: Hains & Co, the west end’s nautical-themed bar that’s less novelty and more speakeasy.

23 Gilbert Place, Adelaide

East Taste

East Taste’s salt and pepper eggplant is reason enough to venture to Gouger Street for a cheeky midnight snack. Catch it on Fridays and Saturdays until 2am.

119 Gouger Street, Adelaide

Ying Chow

This one's a no-frills diner that's open until 12.45pm every night, or 1am on weekends, and you can order right up until the doors close.

114 Gouger Street, Adelaide