Best Korean Restaurants in Adelaide

Updated May 21st, 2021


Korean food is more than just barbequed meat, bibimbap and kimchi – it’s incredibly diverse, both in terms of ingredients and regional cooking styles. Adelaide might not have the same range as downtown Seoul, but we do have high-quality ingredients, great chefs and an audience ready to eat.

Here’s where to get the best barbeque, fried chicken, hotpot and banchan (side dishes) in town.

  • This restaurant’s line-up of Korean classics is bolstered by a sizable collection of sojus to enjoy with your meal.

  • This ambitious modern-Asian restaurant and store challenges its neighbours on the ailing Hutt Street strip.

  • Korean fried chicken worth getting your hands dirty for.

  • An Asian-inspired “fire house” from restaurateur Simon Kardachi.

  • Franklin Street’s popular fried chicken and beer joint doing a grab-and-go menu for the lunchtime crowd.

  • “Shake shake rice”, spicy noodle salad and marinated meats ready for you to grill at this Korean barbeque joint.

  • Listen to K-pop while you eat fried chicken and kimchi until late.

  • Korean fried chicken is all over town, but Gunbae is one of the best. The menu is blissfully simple: chicken (brined for 12 hours before being fried), beer and Korean sides including kimchi pancakes, mandoo salads and rice balls.

  • Kimchi in a dumpling? It’s here.

  • At this playground-inspired Korean fried chicken shop, everything's made by hand by Seoul native Julie Kim.

  • This spot brings Korean street food to Morphett Street. There’s also spongy, fluffy chiffon cake and that bulgogi beef ramen dish from Parasite.

  • This casual Korean fried chicken joint, by the Plus 82 Pocha Crew, is a love letter to the street food of Seoul. Grab Korean corn dogs, spicy fried chook and burgers to-go, or pull up a stool in the LED-lit, orange and blue diner.