The Best Japanese Restaurants in Adelaide

Updated 4 weeks ago


Adelaide’s small-but-mighty scene of Japanese restaurants doesn’t want for anything. Feel like splashing out on an intimate omakase experience? You can absolutely do that here. But if you’re after something fast and casual – like ramen, bento or a hand roll on your lunch break – there are plenty of options for that, too. Hit this list for our favourites around town.

  • A casual yet elegant Japanese restaurant with a vast sake collection.

  • The sophisticated suburban sibling to Yuki in the Hills serves an elegant, two-hour degustation featuring courses not commonly seen in Adelaide. Partitioned away from the bustle of Portrush road and replete with natural timbers, this place feels as though you could be dining in a high-end restaurant in Tokyo.

  • At this Japanese fusion restaurant on the 10th floor of the Crowne Plaza hotel, you'll find the stars of Japanese cuisine, rare whiskies from the country's reserve, and sweeping skyline views.

  • Japan’s award-winning tempura restaurant.

  • Bar or Japanese restaurant? It depends on your mood, really.

  • One of Adelaide's most prolific restaurateurs is behind this compact yet sophisticated ramen and curry bar. Roll in big steaming bowls of 12-hour pork tonkotsu, soupless tantanmen and several original styles of ramen.

  • Tucked away in the city’s Dacosta Arcade, this homey Japanese eatery serves some of Adelaide’s best – and most affordable – lunch fare. Think ramens, curries, bento boxes and more, courtesy of a father-and-son team drawing on more than two decades’ experience.

  • Habit-forming ramen in stylish surrounds.

  • Bringing the best of Osaka’s noodle scene to Adelaide.

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  • An Asian-inspired “fire house” from restaurateur Simon Kardachi.

  • This neighbourhood izakaya shares a lot of DNA with its city sibling, Shobosho, but its identity is all its own. There's a clear focus on tempura alongside a line-up of dumplings, wontons and noodles.

  • Japanese-Australian fusion that will have you cheering, not cringing.