From the many Asian restaurants that line Gouger Street to the salad bars and other takeaway joints endemic to Peel Street and surrounds, the CBD is packed with places to get a fast, cheap lunch. Here are our top picks.

Bai Long Store

This ambitious modern-Asian restaurant and store challenges its neighbours on the ailing Hutt Street strip.

80 Hutt Street, Adelaide
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All the dumplings.

3/26 Bank Street, Adelaide

Abbots and Kinney

Inventive pastries to go.

78 Pire Street, Adelaide

Adelaide Pho

How quickly can you slurp?

199 Waymouth Street, Adelaide

Asian Gourmet

Defeating hunger since 1985.

Stall WR6 Adelaide Central Market Gouger Street, Adelaide

Chicken & Pig

Slow-roasted meats served fast.

78 Pirie Street, Adelaide

Goodies & Grains

Vibrant juices and lots of grainy salads.

22-23 Central Market Plaza Gouger Street, Adelaide

Jack Greens

Where salad is the hero.

36 Waymouth Street, Adelaide

Kutchi Deli Parwana

Flying the flag for casual Afghani cuisine.

7 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide

Let Them Eat

Raising the bar for vegetarian food.

Shop 26D Central Market Arcade Gouger Street, Adelaide

Little NNQ

The faster alternative to NNQ Woodville.

125 Gouger Street, Adelaide

Lucia's Fine Foods

A Central Market legend.

Shop 3 & 4 Western Wall 44-60 Gouger Street, Adelaide


Go for the KFC Bao (fried chicken with Asian slaw and kimchi mayo).

Shop 3 118 King William Road, Adelaide

Sit Lo

For banh mi, pho, noodle bowls and baos.

30 Bank Street, Adelaide

Thea Tea Shop

Get in early or you'll wait.

110 Gawler Place, Adelaide

Two-bit Villains

Vegan and vegetarian burgers.

Shop 150 Balcony Level Adelaide Arcade, Adelaide