The Best Ramen in Adelaide

Updated 5 months ago


Ramen is arguably Adelaide’s favourite corner of Japanese cuisine. We’ve got everything from no-frills chains to high-end diners serving the noodle soup, and we’re still thinking about Justin Healy’s legendary Quality Noods pop-ups at Loc and the Exeter. Ditto for Dunfor. So, whether you like a classic Tokyo-style ramen or something downright inventive, this guide will help you find it.

  • A casual yet elegant Japanese restaurant with a vast sake collection.

  • Habit-forming ramen in stylish surrounds.

  • One of Adelaide's most prolific restaurateurs is behind this compact yet sophisticated ramen and curry bar. Roll in big steaming bowls of 12-hour pork tonkotsu, soupless tantanmen and several original styles of ramen.

  • Tucked away in the city’s Dacosta Arcade, this homey Japanese eatery serves some of Adelaide’s best – and most affordable – lunch fare. Think ramens, curries, bento boxes and more, courtesy of a father-and-son team drawing on more than two decades’ experience.

  • Bringing the best of Osaka’s noodle scene to Adelaide.

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  • This neighbourhood izakaya shares a lot of DNA with its city sibling, Shobosho, but its identity is all its own. There's a clear focus on tempura alongside a line-up of dumplings, wontons and noodles.