Best Burgers in Adelaide

Updated 4 weeks ago


The humble hamburger has seen a great renaissance over the past couple of years – not that it ever went away. The new wave of burgers are a breed apart from their mass-produced forebears – organic, free-range patties, golden brioche buns, house-made pickles and flavour to spare. One constant is these delicious meals can be held in your two hands. Do you want fries with that? Of course you do.

This guide is very beef-focused – if you're after a chicken burger, check out our fried chicken guide.

  • This late-night CBD haunt dishes out great burgers, hot dogs and more to hungry revellers stopping by for a feed before bed.

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  • Next time you're at Plant 4, Bowden's sprawling community hub, make sure you stop by Bloom Burgers. Its burgers are knocking it straight out of the park.

  • There’s an entire page of the menu dedicated to cheeseburgers.

  • This new-school burger joint, in an old-school milk bar, has a great – and diverse – range of burgers to choose from. Although the American-style ones are great, we recommend the Aussie beetroot and egg burger with the lot. Top it off with a classic milkshake.

  • This spot keeps it simple: simple flavour combinations, classic burgers. That pared back approach allows the quality and freshness of the ingredients to really shine. Tip: customising your burger with some of the many extras is the way to go here.

  • This place has one of Adelaide's best – and most extensive – menu of burgers to choose from. Every burg is very American, and very over-the-top. There's one or two options for vegetarians, but this is really the place for the meat eater in your life.

  • This soda bar and diner dishes up fully vegetarian burgers and hot dogs. They taste like the real deal, too. The patties – made with soy mince or black beans – aren't a like-for-like beef replacement, but the whole thing adds up to something greater than the sum of its parts. Trust us, you won't even miss meat-based burgers.

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  • The goal at Barry's is to make burgers that make you feel good after eating them. And while they don't completely meet the brief – these are, after all, burgers – you can really taste the freshness and quality of the ingredients here. Handily some of Adelaide's best burgs.

  • A Queensland-born boutique burger chain serving burgers and frozen-custard desserts it calls “concretes”. Despite being a chain, the quality of the burgers has remained consistently excellent – and attractively priced – over the years.

  • American-style burgers, beef rendang hoagies and tropical cocktails are the signatures at Gang Gang’s disco-ready burger bar. After the dinner trade, a floating DJ booth provides danceable tunes till late.

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  • At Good Burger, the burgers are good indeed. Great, even. This 28-seat burger bar from the Good Gilbert team is elevating the greasy two-hander with high-quality ingredients and South Australian booze.