It's hard to find the right venue for work drinks.

Chances are, you'll be rolling with a large group of diverse ages and tastes. You need a big bar with an egalitarian streak – one that offers Champagne alongside Coopers, without judging your office get-up.

Some of our choices are smaller or more specialised. But for the most part, we've gone for the true all-rounders, where everyone can find a seat and a drink they like. Go on, get that weekend started.

Lady Burra Brewhouse

Freshly brewed beer, Portuguese food and plenty of space.

4 Topham Mall, Adelaide

The Gallery

This rooftop is idyllic in summer and toasty in winter with the help of heaters and a retractable roof.

30 Waymouth Street, Adelaide

Bank Street Social

A seemingly limitless warren of exposed brick rooms powered by gin, whisky, local beers and wines.

48 Hindley Street, Adelaide


If you don't mind a slightly corporate vibe, this one has great views.

2 King William Street, Adelaide

Electra House Ground Floor

This big beer garden was made for post-work catch ups.

131-139 King William Street, Adelaide
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Mr Goodbar

A spacious cocktail bar without the hush-hush atmosphere of others in this genre.

12 Union Street, Adelaide

Alfred’s Bar

The relaxed atmosphere of a pub, wrapped in a polished small-bar package.

14 Peel Street, Adelaide

Mother Vine

Twenty wines by the glass and a refined tapas selection.

22-26 Vardon Avenue, Adelaide

East End Cellars

Cross the road from Mothervine to find even more wines from the same team.

25 Vardon Avenue, Adelaide

The Exeter

A no-nonsense boozer that's been serving Adelaide since the 19th century.

26 Rundle Street, Adelaide

The Hotel Metropolitan

Shares The Exeter's ungentrified charm.

46 Grote Street, Adelaide

The Grace Emily

Coopers on tap, natural wine and a killer beer garden.

232 Waymouth Street, Adelaide

Hains and Co

Park your group out front and enjoy some fine cocktails and red-hot fried chicken.

23 Gilbert Place, Adelaide


Rural hospitality; city beer selection.

33 Mill Street, Adelaide

La Buvette and Matinal

Beer, wine, charcuterie and a touch of class.

27 Gresham Street, Adelaide

Pink Moon Saloon

It's one of the best bars in the city. It's also tiny – don't choose this one if there's more than four or five of you.

21 Leigh Street, Adelaide
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Another outstanding bar without much room. If it's full, there are plenty of other choices on the block.

9a Anster Street, Adelaide

Clever Little Tailor

A bar with a drink to satisfy even the most picky colleague.

19 Peel Street, Adelaide


This cocktail bar, which is inspired by – you guessed it - Brooklyn, has its own internal "street" featuring three separate shops, each with different offerings, to choose from.

260A Rundle Street, Adelaide


A New Orleans-inspired bar featuring whiskies from around the world and 16 beer taps. On the menu , you'll find Creole soul food – including Cajun fried chicken – that will help you soak up all that booze.

28 Vardon Avenue, Adelaide