Hospitality newcomer Rob de Kok was inspired by the self-serve cafes of Germany and pintxos bars of Spain for a new concept he deems the “tapatisserie” – a fusion of the words tapas and patisserie.

Far from high-top stools and small portions, the concept will be centred on a plush lounge area where “people will be able to get drunk off sugar” using a selection of self-serve sweets.

Currently only the coffee bar and lounge is complete, but the new sections will be revealed soon. Until then, light lunches are served along with coffee by Carnevale and treats made by Jovial Patisserie. “Top shelf pastries,” de Kok says. “They’re something special.”

The full tapatisserie launches on April 23.

“We’ll have fridges and stands along the walls filled with cakes and desserts so that people can take what they want as they wish,” de Kok says. A system of coloured stickers will be used for pricing and mimic the honesty system of snack bars and cafes in Europe, where patrons pay upon exit.

Further back, a lounge area will hide behind a wall made of speakers. Push the right spot and a speakeasy for coffee and cakes will appear before your eyes. This “backstage section” is due to open during winter.

The bar is decorated with items collected by de Kok over the years, including two gold-and-silver coffee-bean hoppers. The rest of the venue was pieced together using goods salvaged from Gumtree and junkyards. Live music will the coffee lounge most Sundays and the intimate space seats 20 people.

Bluebird Cafe
129 Currie Street, Adelaide
04 6846 4720

Mon to Fri 7am–3pm
Sat to Sun 9am–3pm