Sineenart “Fiefy” Anuwatanaphorn says she’s not building an empire – but this second location was simply too good to pass up.

Despite being located a few hundred metres from the first Fiefy’s Specialty Cafe, the store bustles. “I’m surprised that we’re mainly seeing new customers,” she says. “Though some of our regulars are coming in to show their friends where we are.”

But two shops means double the workload, and the crescendo has been a lot to manage. Were it not for husband Tim McDonald trying his hand at hospitality, the transition may not have gone so smoothly. (The boss admits he’s exceeded her expectations. She’ll probably keep him on.)

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Pirie Street has always focused on takeaway trade, but site number two’s larger footprint nurtures a slower pace. Though only 50 square metres, Fiefy says the new shop feels “really big”. Customers linger, taking advantage of the urbane dine-in space and outdoor seating, enjoying brews, light lunches and showy latte art. The liquor licence keeps people hanging around later into the day, too.

A strong sense of ritual surrounds the coffee-making at both stores. Anuwatanaphorn pours an exclusive blend devised with Andy Freeman at renegade roaster Coffee Snobs back in her days as a competition barista.

The various trophies she accumulated between 2009 and 2011 (from as far afield as London and Thailand) sit proudly by the entrance. “We serve my house blend, plus decaf and an occasional single origin – depending on what Andy has on hand,” she says. “We always rest beans for 10 days to ensure the flavour is stable.” It’s a polished system, refined at the “old” store and equally successful at the new.

There’s a comforting sense of familiarity about the Flinders Street store, without it feeling repetitive. The clean CBD fit-out utilises the same simple aesthetic and distinctive colour scheme employed at Pirie Street, with a wall of takeaway cups providing the main talking point.

Fiefy's Specialty Cafe Flinders Street
Ground Floor, 50 Flinders Street, Adelaide
No phone

Mon to Thu 7.30am–4pm
Fri 7.30am–7pm