It seems there’s now a day for everything: mums, dads, talking like a pirate, and – finally – doughnuts. Friday June 2 is National Doughnut Day. Here’s how Adelaide’s favourite patissiers are celebrating.

Cakeboy Donuts
Key lime pie bombolone. Rosewater and pistachio. The “Bunnycomb Maple” with vegan honeycomb and maple frosting on an organic cinnamon base. These aren’t your standard, corner store flavour combos and Cakeboy Donuts is not your average bakery. Every glazed, iced and topped dough ring is 100 per cent vegan, certified organic and cruelty-free. Owners Erin and Jules Habib have added a few extra, celebratory flavours for this week only, and you can even win a free dozen by visiting Cakeboy’s Instagram and Facebook page. Visit the store at Plant 4 in Bowden.

Devour and Third Time Lucky
Dessert devotee Quang Nguyen (Devour Cafe Patisserie, Third Time Lucky) will be giving away a free doughnut with every coffee (until sold out) at both of his stores. He’s even putting out a special batch of “Wonka’s Redskin” flavour for the occasion. Be warned – the pastry displays at Devour and Third Time Lucky have a mesmerising effect, causing your eyes to become blissfully glazed, much like the sweets therein.

Sugar Man
Sugar Man’s Alex Crawford has a soft spot for the sinfully sweet. To celebrate NDD2017 he’s offering up a threesome of doughy delights – salty caramel glaze, raspberry and cream Berliner, and lemon meringue – available from Fred Eatery, Please Say Please, Larry and Ladd and Coffylosophy. If his doughnuts are anywhere near as coveted as his macarons (and we’re pretty certain they will be), we recommend you get in early.

Abbotts and Kinney
Pirie Street’s Abbotts and Kinney is usually packed out before 9am by those craving a good coffee, and pastry-as-breakfast believers. This Friday it’s sure to be even more hectic than usual. It’s dropping fresh-baked, one-off doughnut varieties such as Cherry Ripe, Golden Gaytime, toffee apple pie and cookies ‘n’ cream. Only for this Friday and only in-store.

Bakery on O’Connell
There are 24 doughnut-eating hours in every day, and Bakery on O’Connell is open all of them. The cafe’s pies and pastries – each superstars in their own right – remain locked in an enduring battle for the spotlight. But this Friday it’s all about sweets. “We’ll be bringing back our Maple Bacon donut for a cameo appearance,” says manager Katy Sargent. “We’ll [also] have an éclair-style doughnut with choux pastry.”

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