If we had to summarise Wilson Shawyer in just a few words, we’d say he’s a good man opening good menus in Goodwood.

After opening his first venue, neighbourhood bar [Good Gilbert], in the middle of Covid, Shawyer has gone on to open Good Burger, a suburban smash burger joint. He also has plans to open two more venues later this year.

Professionally, Shawyer is soaring. Personally, Shawyer’s life has been more turbulent. A scooter accident in 2022 left him with brain damage that caused him to lose his sense of smell and affected his sense of taste. He also suffered a broken back.

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When he’s not hard at work at his two venues – or busily preparing to open a new spot – these are the local bars, cafes and restaurants where he likes to lay back.

What’s your go-to for a quick takeaway?
Pizza Lola. It’s unpretentious and relatable. The staff always remember you and the dough is unreal. Order the margherita. When a venue nails simplicity, you know you’re onto something good.

And for a drink and snacks?
Loc. I have always enjoyed the wine selection but what Olivia Moore is activating with the food options lately has taken the venue to a whole new level. Some of South Australia’s best chefs on rotation dishing up incredible produce-driven food from a tiny kitchen set-up. It’s unreal.

And what about the best food close to where you live?
Shosho for sure! The tempura menu is my go-to. It’s so delicious and moreish. The shallot pancakes are a must.

If it’s a special occasion, where are you headed?
Other than Restaurant Botanic which is the ultimate treat, it’s Herringbone for me. It’s classy and understated while delivering good, honest food done really well. The interior is warm and inviting. The service is always on point.

Where do you go for a long lunch?
Stem is my go-to for a long lunch before footy games. Located walking distance from Adelaide Oval, it offers a good, smart wine list and great food to match. If I am staying down south, it’s Silversands Beach Club which offers a stellar wine list thanks to Nick Stock and excellent food and vibes.

Who do you think does the best coffee in town?
I’m a bit of a coffee nerd and opt for a batch brew. Our Boy Roy on Winston Road is my go-to because they offer amazing brews on tap. I am in and out in a couple of minutes.

How about a meal with a big group of family or friends?
It’s always Nido. I love everything on that menu and most dishes are made for sharing. The restaurant offers the best Italian food and all the charm of a neighbourhood venue. Get a double serving of the whipped ricotta and honey while you’re there.

What’s your favourite dish on the menu at your restaurant?
Definitely the Good Burger for me. Again, it’s a simple entry-level dish that is executed really well. It’s our take on the classic cheeseburger featuring a double patty and our signature homemade Good Sauce which offers the perfect blend of sweet and savoury. At Good Gilbert it’s currently the barramundi sashimi served with charred corn, lacto-fermented chilli, chimichurri sauce and the Kris Lloyd artisan buffalo curd.

Is there a hidden gem that you think is underrated but great?
There are two restaurants I have been to recently that are not hidden but definitely deserve all the hype. Longplay Bistro is casual and understated, dishing up elevated, modern European bistro food. The second one is Nina. The food is executed well. The interior is charming and intimate. The vibe is amazing.

What’s your go-to hangover feed?
It has to be Chinatown Cafe. Order the Hainanese chicken rice with Asian greens and laksa broth. You’ll thank me later.

Where’s your favourite spot to grab gelato?
48 Flavours on Unley Road. This is a family-run business offering traditional Italian artisan gelato. My go-to is the chocolate flavour.

Tell us about a local producer you can’t stop thinking about?
Robbie Mather from Nice Pickles. For what started out as a side hustle [this is one of the] most exciting [producers] to watch. He is talented, understated and is doing some really exciting things. I love his vision and can’t wait to see where he goes from here and what he does next.

Where would you take someone you’re looking to impress?
It would have to be Magill Estate Restaurant. It’s a great representation of high-end fine dining. It’s a short drive from the city with some of the best views of Adelaide. The service is always on point and the degustation menu is bloody delicious.

What’s your favourite spot for a late-night feed?
It’s an oldie but an institution, the Bakery on O’Connell Street for a late-night sausage roll.