Adelaide’s cocktail bars hold a hidden treasure trove of drinks to explore. It could be a preferred staff cocktail no longer on the menu, or maybe never even made it on. Perhaps you have to know where to sit to be eligible to order it. Perhaps you just need to ask.

In partnership with World Class, we uncover some secrets of Adelaide’s best cocktail bars to try next time you’re out.

Off-menu cocktail: The Consultant

An after-work staff favourite at this Anster Street favourite is The Consultant. Created by Proof bartender and bar consultant Michael Miller, The Consultant combines Talisker 10-year-old Scotch whisky with Ron Zacapa 23 rum, fresh lemon juice, dark agave syrup and two types of bitters.

The Talisker gives the drink a smoky aroma, while the Ron Zacapa 23 offers undertones of dark caramel and oak. Designed to be dark, rich and complex in flavour, it’s simple to make after a night of shaking Espresso Martinis.

Maybe Mae
Off-menu cocktail: The Bill Murray

The most prolific off-menu cocktail at Maybe Mae is undoubtedly The Bill Murray. Created by owner Ollie Margan, the twist on the Whisky Sour was inspired by the commercial Bill Murray’s character makes in Lost in Translation.

The Bill Murray combines Japanese whisky, apricot brandy, lemon juice, fresh mint and egg whites. Margan believes it connects with customers because it’s both different and approachable. The result is a fresh and fruity Whisky Sour that can be poured all year round. If you ask.

Pink Moon Saloon
Off-menu cocktail: Strawberry Penicillin

At Pink Moon Saloon on Leigh Street, the classic Penicillin ¬– a twist on the Whisky Sour, using a mix of ginger, honey, lemon and Scotch – has been reimagined for the change of seasons. You just need to ask if it’s in. The Strawberry Penicillin uses Don Julio Blanco tequila combined with strawberry syrup, fresh lemon juice, honey, ginger, a pinch of house herb-salt made with dried Australian saltbush and a touch of Vida mezcal for a hint of smoke. The result is garnished with pickled ginger or fresh strawberry when in season.

Off-menu cocktail: The Guilt Shake

Down the East End of town on Rundle Street, BRKLYN has been serving up the off-menu Guilt Shake for customers who want caffeine but not an Espresso Martini.

Using some of its trademark inspiration to create a drink that plays to America’s love of excess, The Guilt Shake combines Baileys, creme de cacao, Bundaberg Small Batch rum, hazelnut liqueur, ice-drip coffee, sugar and egg white. While there, you can treat yourself to a new ’do with the in-house barber, or snack on a pastrami on rye from the deli.

Off-menu cocktail: The Southside

Despite Udaberri’s 10-page drinks list that includes 21 variations on the gin and tonic, there’s still opportunity to explore outside the margins at this moody Leigh Street locale. One such cocktail is The Southside, not on the menu but a classic house suggestion.

Allegedly one of Al Capone’s favourites, The Southside is a simple combination of Tanqueray gin, pressed lime, mint and sugar. Udaberri’s version includes a non-traditional dash of orange bitters, shaken and served straight up. It’s best served with one of the bar’s oysters, shucked to order.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with World Class Drinking.