When Jake Kellie opened Arkhe in November 2021 we called it “one of Australia’s hottest new openings,” thanks largely to Kellie’s pedigree as the former head chef at Singapore’s World’s 50 Best-ranked restaurant Burnt Ends. Almost two years later both Arkhe’s and Kellie’s stars have continued to rise.

But where does the hot-shot Adelaide chef dine when he’s off the clock? Broadsheet caught up with Kellie to find out his favourite spot for tacos, takeaway and more.

What’s your go-to for a quick takeaway?
I’m a sucker for a banh mi. There’s a place near us at Arkhe named VDR on the Parade. I get the combo chicken and pork banh mi and it never disappoints.

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And for drinks and snacks?
I live right behind the recently opened East End Cellars in Norwood. I was there six of their first seven nights. It’s a great spot for a glass of chablis or a nice cold beer. I recommend snacking on the crispy potato mille-feuille. It’s a real highlight paired with beef tartare and Murray cod caviar. They also do a good brunch.

Where do you head for a special occasion?
Muni in Willunga is a real destination dining experience. If you’re into a beautiful tasting menu and great wine list, I recommend paying them a visit. They do an amazing job down there; you always feel looked after.

Where’s your favourite spot for killer baked goods?
Hands down, Emma Shearer’s The Lost Loaf. It’s arguably the best bakery in SA. We go there on Fridays to get sweet treats and sandwiches for the team. They also do a great Vegemite scroll. The ham, cheese and mustard scroll is incredible too.

What’s your go-to hangover meal?
KanTong satay sauce with chicken and rice at home. Best thing for a hangover.

Where would you go for a long lunch?
The Summertown Aristologist is a great spot for a long lunch. I haven't been to Maxwell Wines yet, but I’ve seen what Fabian is doing down there and it looks perfect for a long lunch. It’s at the top of my hit list.

How about a meal with a big group of family or friends?
Pizzateca in McLaren Vale is great for group dining.

What hidden gem of the Adelaide food and drink scene do you think is underrated?
Every Thursday for the last few months I’ve been going to La Popular Taqueria in Port Adelaide. They run two-for-one margs, and the food is delicious. Not sure if it’s underrated but it’s absolutely a hidden gem.

What’s your favourite dish on the menu at Arkhe?
Recently we had a quail dish. It was a hot-roasted quail with achiote and fresh lime. We got jumbo quails, brined them overnight, and then dried them for a day before marinating in spices and hot roasting them in the oven until they got a good caramelisation. We make the Mexican spice paste into a jus and emulsify that as the sauce for the dish. Add a squeeze of fresh lime – really tasty.

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