After spending nine years in Sydney, helming the kitchens at stalwarts such as Bayswater Brasserie and MG Garage (both now closed), as well as the beachfront Bathers’ Pavilion, Seedsman made her way back to her native Adelaide. There, she helped open Magill Estate alongside Anders Ousback and worked as head chef at Sidewood Estate before taking up the mantle at The Lion Hotel.

Having cooked her way from Adelaide to Sydney and back again, Seedsman knows her stuff. This is where she eats and drinks when she’s not on duty.

What’s your go-to for a drink and snacks?
Ambleside Distillery in Hahndorf – it’s such a gem of a place. I also love Never Never in McLaren Vale.

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If it’s a special occasion, where are you headed?
Gondola Gondola, on the corner of Peel and Hindley streets. I love that it’s a relaxed atmosphere but with good food. Otherwise, I love cooking for people at home – it’s rare for me, but rewarding.

Where’s your favourite for great baking or pastries?
The Basket Range Baker has the most amazing delights.

And where do you think does the best coffee in town?
First Pour, in Melbourne Street. I’ve been working with the people at Veneziano Coffee for many years. Their coffee is brilliant and so is their service.

How about a meal with a big group of family or friends?
Pizzateca in McLaren Vale. It never disappoints.

And what about the best food close to where you live?
Lobethal Road cellar door. It’s not only the best food close to my place, but I’d say it’s the best full stop. The food is always so delicious, simple, well cooked. No tricks, just the way I like it.

What’s your favourite spot to head after work?
Home! A gin or vodka on the couch – and then bed.

What’s your personal favourite dish on the menu at The Lion Hotel?
The agedashi tofu with furikake rice cake on our breakfast menu is delicious.

And is there a hidden gem that you think is underrated?
Is anything truly hidden anymore? With social media, and the savvy interest in good food and booze, I feel like anything worth a visit is already on people’s radar. But if anyone knows a secret spot, let me know!

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