From breakfast after dawn service to Monday night dinner with friends, these restaurants, cafes and bars are open this long weekend.


Pink Moon Saloon
Open Sunday for special long weekend party 9.30am – late
Closed Monday

Lindes Lane
Mon 6am – 12pm

Hains & Co
Mon 4pm – late

My Kingdom for a Horse
Mon 7am – 4pm

Hey Jupiter
Mon 7am – 3pm

Monday’s Coffee Store
Mon 8am – 4pm

Mon 8am – 4pm

Nino’s Lamesita
Mon 8am – 9pm

The Exeter Hotel
Mon 11.30am – 12am

Mother Vine
Mon 3pm – late

Flinders Street Project
Mon 8am – 3pm

Bar 9
Central: Mon 11am – 4pm
Parkside: Mon 8.30am – 2pm


Froth and Fodder
Mon 7am - 1.30pm

Bakery on O’Connell
24 hours


Trouble and Strife
Mon 8am – 12pm

The Pantry on Egmont
Mon 8am – 3pm

Nana’s Kitchen Table
Mon 6.30am – 12pm

Pollen 185
Mon 9am – 3pm


Local Grind
Mon 5am (for coffee and take-away breakfast rolls)
Menu as usual after dawn service


The Loose Caboose
Mon 9am – 2pm