Soulara (formerly Freshara) is a meal-kit delivery service dedicated to plant-based food. After launching on the east coast earlier this year, it has expanded to Adelaide.

Co-founder Yuki Thomas wanted to fill an important niche by featuring “everything that is non-animal” while using premium, locally sourced ingredients. “We don’t want to offer the normal, we want to offer the best quality plant-based meals you can find,” says Thomas.

As a vegetarian, Thomas is always looking for services that cater to her needs. “I just don't have the time to cook a week’s worth of food,” she says. “So we thought, why don’t we just deliver meals straight to your door?”

Soulara’s head chef Tobias Hayes (Black Bar & Grill, Opera Bar) has developed an extensive and varied menu, which includes cuisines from the Middle East, Asia, India and South America, with more recipes developed weekly. Wild mushroom penne; yellow lentil dahl with rice; turmeric and farro soup; and mac and "cheese" with shiitake "bacon" are available.

Soulara delivers its products in a refrigerated, 100 per cent recyclable box. Prices start from $9.50 per meal alongside special eating plans, which includes 18 meals per week.