Adelaide’s Travelling Table returns over the June long weekend to celebrate the contribution of Asian migration to South Australia’s culinary, and cultural, landscape with three long-table feasts at Unley Town Hall.

The now-annual dinner series debuted last year celebrating Adelaide’s post-war migration with matriarchs from Adelaide’s Italian, Greek and Ukrainian communities. This time, home cooks from Adelaide’s Filipino, Vietnamese and Sri Lankan communities will share their family recipes and work alongside chef John Stamatakis (executive chef of West Oak Hotel, Roxies and Midnight Spaghetti) to produce three four-course meals over three days.

The menus are still under wraps but we’re told the Vietnamese dishes will include thit kho trúng and dô chua (braised pork with eggs and pickles) and cà tím nuòng mõ hành (grilled eggplant with scallion oil). There will also be drinks by Fox Creek Wines and Pirate Life Brewing.

Food is more than elements on a plate: “It’s history, it’s stories, it’s culture,” Travelling Table co-director Sam Wright told Broadsheet last year. Accordingly, the cooks will share their own stories and histories in the process.

“Through understanding there is peace,” says Wright. “What I hope is that we can share stories and through learning appreciate [other cultures]. We tick away in our own little space, our own little home, and we don’t really learn about what else is around us at times ... I want it to feel like you’re walking into the kitchen and dining room of one of these [grandmothers].”

The Travelling Table – with support from the Australia Day Council of South Australia – will also provide on-the-job training for new refugees, who will be employed to work across the three nights.

The Travelling Table will also host three cooking workshops at Unley Town Hall and Pirate Life’s new digs, where guests will learn to cook Filipino, Vietnamese and Sri Lankan family recipes that have been handed down through generations. “Like all migrant communities that came to the state, the food is the glue that connects families and all of us to their cultural heritage, so we’re really privileged to have them share their family recipes with us,” co-director Vic Pisani said in a press release.

The Travelling Table runs from June 6 to 9 at Unley Town Hall. Tickets and further information are available at