No doubt you’ve seen the story. If not, Bernard Salt – Baby Boomer and News Corp columnist – wrote a piece for the Australian last weekend that reeled off a long list of grievances against “hipster cafes” and inadvertently turned smashed avocado into a problematic poster-child for millennial indulgence.

Salt blamed the humble breakfast dish, which he estimated at $22 a pop, on the inability of many millennials to break into the housing market while ignoring the very real issues of rising house prices, rent costs, university fees and a tough job market. Still, we’ve decided to take his advice on board.

This weekend, three Adelaide cafes will collaborate with Broadsheet to help you have breakfast and save for a home deposit, too*.

Bar 9’s three locations (Parkside, Central and Outreach) are offering a $10 “Home Saver’s Smashed Avo” special. The dish (usually $17) comes with a pile of avocado, fresh tomato, grilled corn salsa, feta and Asian herbs, all served on ciabatta bread.

“We'd love to make home ownership more affordable and avocado just means too much to us and our crew – it's a hugely popular dish,” says owner Ian Callahan. “So for this weekend we're running it for ten bucks, as long as you promise to put the rest towards your deposit!”

Over on Wright Street, My Kingdom for a Horse will serve up smashed avo on sourdough with Persian feta for just $12.90. “Afford your own castle with kingdom by saving money with our avo special,” says owner Emily Raven. At this rate, you’ll have your own moat by Christmas.

At just $9, Trouble and Strife on Goodwood Road regularly dishes up a “mortgage-friendly” smashed avo on toast, says owner Clare Lennon. Take note, Salt. But this weekend Broadsheet readers can also add a bunch of sides (bacon, salmon, egg, haloumi) for just $3 each.

An article in the Australian yesterday promised a “full response to the avocado furore” from Bernard Salt this Saturday in The Weekend Australian Magazine. We look forward to reading it over breakfast.

*in about two decades