Following a sold-out event with Melbourne mixologists Black Pearl earlier this year, Maybe Mae will bring a second wave of industry big guns to Adelaide.

The underground bar will host Surry Hills favourite Dead Ringer for one night only on November 23. Owner Tim Philips and bartender Adam Dow will be slinging cocktails alongside Maybe Mae co-owner and venue manager Ollie Margan.

“Tim was an employee at Black Pearl for a long time, so it was a logical progression,” Margan says. “He’s also the director and owner at Bulletin Place which is readily considered Australia’s best cocktail bar, so the opportunity to bring him here was a very appealing one.

“They’re the sort of bars I was inspired by and the direction I take at Maybe Mae is very much influenced by those places. I wanted people to get a snapshot of that.”

The evening will feature a set cocktail menu with four creations from Dead Ringer and two from Maybe Mae. But don’t go expecting your Friday night usual. Margan promises a selection of drinks that “have never been seen before”.

“We don’t want to give too much away but both our bars are very produce-driven, and November in SA is a really good time for fresh produce so we’ll be influenced by that,” he says. “It won’t be too challenging, it’s all going to be very approachable, but we want to take some things that aren’t necessarily considered the ‘cool’ things to drink and give them a fresh lick of paint and challenge people in that regard. We have a few concepts; things that people wouldn’t normally order off the menu.”

One familiar concoction will make an appearance. Philips and Dow will recreate Dead Ringer’s famous Pineapple Adonis (dry sherry infused with pineapple), albeit in a slightly different guise.

The drinks will be balanced with food from the Bread & Bone grill upstairs.

Maybe Mae Hosts: Dead Ringer will be held on Wednesday, November 23 at 6pm. Tickets are $85(+bf) and available via Eventbrite.