David Lim, the co-owner of the Indonesian-inspired Bakmi Lim Noodle Project, can remember exactly where he was when he came up with the concept for Sushi Burri – what he says is Adelaide’s first sushi burrito shop.

“My latest [Bakmi Lim] shop is on Unley Road. I always work there in the afternoon, and it’s located in a little precinct – and [for lunch] I always go for sushi. And if not sushi, I’ll go for burritos,” he says. “Sometimes, when I go to that sushi place, I feel like three [rolls] is not enough, but four is too much. So I thought, why don’t we design something?”

Lim did some research and discovered that sushi burritos – or burrito-sized sushi rolls – were already quite popular across the US and had made their way to Sydney a few years ago. “But I couldn’t find it in Adelaide,” says Lim, who will run Sushi Burri alongside Ceci Shi. “I wanted to bring it here.”

Although “burrito” refers to the size of the roll, venues have been known to take the idea further and experiment with Tex-Mex fillings. That’s unlikely at Sushi Burri, but Lim isn’t ruling it out for the future. He plans to change things up over time, and is already searching beyond Japan for inspiration. “It’s not traditional Japanese – it’s fusion,” he says. “We’re incorporating some traditional dishes from other countries, like Korea.”

The final menu at Sushi Burri is still in the works, but sushi burritos will include kimchi beef (beef bulgogi, gochujang sauce (a Korean chilli paste), sweet corn, lettuce, avocado, cucumber and spicy sesame) and sashimi (tuna, salmon, mango, kale, slaw salad and sriracha mayo). There’ll also be a range of poke bowls, onigirazu (also a giant sushi roll, but sandwich-shaped) and onigiri (rice balls).

Waymouth Street seems like a natural fit for the new venue. Lim cut his teeth at Georges on Waymouth as an assistant restaurant manager, before opening his first Bakmi Lim outlet on the street in 2016. He and co-owner Cecilia Shi have enlisted Amber Ma of AMiD Studio to transform the new shop (formerly a convenience store) into a light-filled space with tiles, pastels and indoor plants. It’s still empty for now, but they hope to finish renovations in the next few weeks and open Sushi Burri next month.

Sushi Burri opens at shop 3-4, 24-28 Waymouth Street in October.