There’s no need to keep chasing the Sneaky Pickle truck around town for slow-cooked barbeque sandwiches. After a year of hunting for the perfect venue, owners Amanda and Jeff Griffiths have finally set up a permanent abode in a former adult shop in (appropriately) Goodwood.

Only two sandwich options had been available from the truck. In the new warehouse-like space, the menu has expanded threefold.

There are six sandwiches packed with fillings such as pulled pork with onion pickles; and Southern-fried chicken with jalapeño ranch sauce. Then there’s a multitude of sides and dessert specials, washed down with all-American beers and local wines by Patritti.

“It’s actually quite funny in hindsight,” says Amanda, who’s the chef. “We left our full-time, full-on jobs behind for a seachange and ended up with a business that takes up twice the hours. You’d think in a city as small as Adelaide the crazy queues of people and constant demand for a rotation of sandwiches would eventually die down, but apparently not.”

Still, it’s an upgrade from the truck’s tedious late nights, early mornings and a kitchen that had to be packed in and out each and every day.

“The novelty wore off,” Amanda says. “We still have the truck and will run it, but not so often. It’s parked for a few months until we get enough dollars behind us to get more staff.”

When that day comes, the American-inspired fare will expand to a bigger offering from the truck and a larger variety of barbeque meats, barbeque plates and fried chicken. Slow and sneaky wins the race.

Sneaky Pickle
267 Goodwood Road, Kings Park No phone

Wed to Sat 5.30pm–9pm