Prohibition Liquor Co is bringing back its fruity, spicy Christmas gin and this time it’s upped production.

“Last year we sold out in 10 days,” co-founder Wes Heddles said in a press release. “No one could believe how quickly they went, including us. So this year we are tripling the quantity, but we still expect to sell out before Christmas.”

Prohibition’s head distiller Sam Lissner says this year’s batch is the “perfect blend” of Australian dry gin, with macerated cherries, figs, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and a gentle anise, with extra botanicals such as vanilla to add softness.

“It’s perfect over ice as it displays a lot of liqueur characteristics,” adds Lissner. “It’s sweet and spicy, with cut through of citrus and juniper, which keeps it true to signature gin flavours.” He also suggests serving it over ice-cream or in a Christmas Martini.

This year the gin comes in an elegant porcelain bottle made by English manufacturers Wade Ceramics. The bottle has a black gloss finish with gold-leaf detailing, a timber top and a metallic gold wax seal.

A pre-sale will be released mid-October to mailing list members before public release in late October/early November. Join the mailing list at