There’s more than pork at the Garden of Unearthly Delights’ smokey Dutch food stall. Pigs on Fire, now unofficially referred to as Pigs n Chicks, has begun roasting chicken alongside its open-fire roast pork legs, bellies and shoulders. Everything’s served out of a huge wooden windmill that doubles as a rotisserie. Oh, so Holland.

It’s not all flesh and bone. Vegetarian co-owner Didier Prince has designed salads and a barbecue vegetable platter with his own tastes in mind. “Just because I don’t eat meat doesn’t mean I think others shouldn’t,” he says. “Our food is accessible to everyone.”

Prince gets his free-range pork and chicken from local farmer and butcher Richard Gunner. Dutch chef Roy Wiggers and co-owner Jan Jaap Hoekstra also prepare slaw, chips, slow-roasted Javanese chicken leg and Queen’s Chicken Salad. “It’s a secret recipe from Queen Máxima,” Prince laughs mysteriously.

The Dutchies are celebrating their fourth year in the outdoor Fringe hub. "We travel the world eating in such cool places but there is actually nowhere more magical than that Garden,” Prince says. “Plus it never seems to rain in the Garden and it always bloody rains in Holland. Adelaide has such a great food scene. Awesome leaders like Jock Zonfrillo and Duncan Welgemoed are doing some really cool stuff with the amazing produce you have here."

Other new Garden food and drink options include an espresso martini bar, which is part of The Parlour – the creation of Clever Little Tailor and Pink Moon Saloon’s Josh Baker. The Parlour is also home to a barber, a tattoo artist, a makeup artist, coffee shop, and pineapple juice bar.

A new Spanish Quarter serves pintxos and sangria.

Pigs on Fire is in the Garden of Unearthly Delights, Rymill Park, until March 14, 2016.