Milk and cereal. Sausage and bread. Steak and red wine. These winning combinations have a special place at the table. Now, with the rise of burger joints and the craft-beer industry, a new combination is quickly becoming a favourite around Adelaide.

From clean, crisp lagers, to hoppy, bitter IPAs and fruity, summery pales, there’s a beer for every burger. We’ve assembled the best matches around the city.

Burger Republic, Hyde Park

Burger: the Gaucho with beef, cheese, bacon, onion rings, barbeque sauce and ranch dressing.
Beer: Pirate Life Pale Ale

Paolo Brustolon always dreamed of opening a burger joint. His passion for creating the perfect burger shines through onto the plate. The double sauce on the Gaucho (barbeque and ranch) pairs with the big flavours of the Pirate Life Pale Ale. The American-hop aromas jump out of the glass for a full-bodied first sip.

Chuck Wagon, North Adelaide

Burger: the double bacon BBQ cheese with steak, bacon, cheese, ketchup, mustard, barbeque sauce and pickles.
Beer: Vale IPA

Childhood nostalgia fills this American-style O’Connell Street restaurant. Super heroes, comic-book characters and movie themes are splashed onto the walls, floors and even the ceiling. The burger menu will have you reliving your youthful excitement, too. With more than 15 different burger options on offer, it’s easy to find a burger to match with your beer. The Vale IPA has a sweet-malt backbone with a subtle bitter linger. The sweetness of the bun and the caramel of the malt meld together nicely.

Fudd’s Burger, Aberfoyle Park

Burger: the Hot and Spicy with beef, cheese, chargrilled capsicum, jalapenos, red onion, rocket, lettuce and Fudd’s hot sauce
Beer: Swell Golden Ale

In the outer suburb of Aberfoyle Park, Fudd’s Burger has an impressive bottled-beer list, 100 per cent Angus beef burgers and three taps pouring South Australia’s Swell Brewing Company. Swell has had a long affiliation with Fudd’s Burger and the AIBA (Australian International Beer Awards)-award-winning Swell Golden Ale was a great place to start the burger-matching experience. The Hot and Spicy burger comes loaded with a fiery combo of jalapenos and Fudd’s own hot sauce. The refreshing and crisp golden ale takes the sting out of the spice.

Big Shed Brewing Concern, Royal Park

Burger: the Who You Callin’ Chicken with buffalo bites, Frank’s red-hot sauce, tomato, lettuce and aioli.
Beer: Big Shed Brewing’s Californicator

A West Coast IPA is generally a full, thick, bitter beast with a generous amount of American-style hops and the Californicator matches the style perfectly. A tropical, fruity aroma leads into sweet malt notes, finishing with a smattering of bitter American hops. Such a big beer needs the big flavours of the Who You Callin’ Chicken burger. Bites of deep-fried chicken, drenched in the vinegar-rich Frank’s hot sauce, meld together with a tangy aioli to create a simple and tasty burger.

Fancy Burger, Adelaide City

Burger: the Pickle Me Mustard with beef, hot orange mustard, pickles, cheddar, lettuce and tomato relish.
Beer: Fancy Bier (brewed by Lobethal Bierhaus)

Unlike most other burgers, this one doesn’t ooze sauces on the first bite. Instead, the intense flavours come from the pickles, mustard and relish. We paired it with a Fancy Bier, a light, English-style pale ale that uses hops from Australia and New Zealand. The light floral aroma, and subtle bitterness, work a treat with the sweet tomato relish and punchy hot orange mustard.