It’s already popular with the local cabaret and burlesque crowd, but on May 6 La Boheme pays tribute to one of the greatest showmen of all.

Hospitality roustabout Tim Watts toyed with the idea for years, but it was the untimely death of Prince that moved him to approach fellow fan Paul Boylon, owner of La Boheme. The result is ‘My Name is Prince – a Prince Tribute in Spirit and Song’.

“A lot of people were hit hard by his death and this is a good way to celebrate his life,” Watts says.

To help fans drown their sorrows, head bartender Dan Symonds will make cocktails named after the pint-sized musician’s songs, and if the new drinks are a hit, they may be added to La Boheme’s permanent list.

Concoctions include Purple Rain (citrus-and-blackcurrant gin fizz), Lady Cab Driver (a foamy pineapple margarita), Raspberry Beret (raspberries, Chambord and French champagne), Diamonds and Pearls (vodka, aloe and tapioca pearls), Little Red Corvette (gin, bitter orange and vermouth) and Black Sweat (a black Sambuca and tequila shot).

“That one’s a bit of a killer,” Boylon laughs of the last. “It tastes better than you might expect.”

An all-Prince playlist and film clips will accompany the booze. DJ "Vanessa Bett" (named after lyrics from Gett Off, the lead single from 1991 album Diamonds and Pearls) will man the decks.

“We’re also toying with the idea of people bringing in a device to plug into the system if they have some obscure stuff,” Boylon says. “We don’t want to hear Purple Rain 200 times.”

My Name is Prince – a Prince Tribute in Spirit and Song, La Boheme, May 6, 8pm–late, free entry.

La Boheme
36 Grote St, Adelaide
(08) 8212 8884

Hours Wed to Sat 5pm–late