Two weeks after being named Australian Bar of the Year, popular Leigh Street joint Pink Moon Saloon has opened a second venue just two doors down.

With a focus on the much-loved Pink Moon Club Sandwich, Pink Moon Deli combines wood-fired meats and veg with a more casual lunch service.

“We envisage it to be a little hangout for all the different people who work and play in the Leigh Street precinct,” co-owner Marshall King says.

“The menu will centre around Matty’s wood oven in the Pink Moon Kitchen,” says King. “All sandwiches will be filled with slow- cooked goodness like chicken, brisket, eggplant etc. Not too heavy though. We want to satisfy people but not overload them.”

King, along with partners Josh Baker, Crispian Fielke, Dana Whyte and Matthew Standen, jumped at the chance to expand into the neighbouring site.

The hole-in-the-wall was previously the home of coffee and raw- snack bar Combi, co-owned by Baker’s father, Anthony.

“Pink Moon was always intended as a standalone venue but we were also very mindful of the opportunity that little window presented,” King explains.

The expansion brings an opportunity to offer some more playful and casual items, such as fresh orange juices and snow-cone cocktails for summer, as well as filter coffees and a tap beer for the lunch crowd. There will also be a selection of five tinnies on offer and a collaboration rosé with Giovanni Armani Giorgio in summer.

The opening hours will be dictated by popularity and the weather, but expect some late evenings featuring crisp ales and fried snacks. “The famous Pink Moon hand-cut chips might even make a crossover appearance,” says King.

As the daytime rush moves over to the deli, the saloon will adjust its weekday opening hours to 4pm. But don’t worry; it will continue to open from midday on Fridays so you can get a head start on the weekend.

Pink Moon Deli
17A Leigh Street, Adelaide
Mon to Sat 11am–-required