In a few short weeks Janie Kammer and Alana Crowe have turned a construction site into a neatly fitted-out cafe and creative hub.

The pair has worked tirelessly, calling in favours from friends and labouring to produce a polished end product. The spacious cafe area features an island coffee bar and cake fridge surrounded by tables and chairs. “We sourced all of the furniture second-hand,” says Kammer. “Most of it is from Gumtree and the stuff that looks new is actually reclaimed wood that’s come from the roofs of houses.”

The menu offers a variety of dishes taking a “classics with a twist” approach. “For example we’ve got an eggs benedict, but with pulled pork [instead of bacon] and a beetroot hollandaise,” says Kammer.

“We’ve also tried to focus on dishes not using eggs,” adds Crowe, noting a lack of balanced brunch dishes around town that don’t rely on the ubiquitous breakfast staple. “One we’re really excited about is the sticky roast pumpkin with chilli kale, whipped fetta, baba ganoush and caramelised chickpeas on toast.”

Head chef Katrina Richard specialises in breakfast and dessert, so it’s no surprise Kammer and Crowe’s favourite dish is the ricotta hotcakes. They come served with honeycomb butter, maple syrup and three types of labneh: strawberry, white chocolate and berry.

Homemade cakes come from Kammer’s mum and danishes and pastries from Boulangerie 113. “In the future we want to have the chefs making everything in-house,” says Kammer. Coffee is supplied by boutique roaster Elementary.

The converted warehouse also hosts nine studio spaces for artists. Janie’s sister, local artist Ellie Kammer, is already among the mix.

Karma and Crow
Karma and Crow, 251 Richmond Road, Richmond
045 533 567
Mon, Weds, Thu, Fri 6.30am–3.30pm
Sat & Sun 7.30am–3.30pm