Kelsey Ramage and Iain Griffiths are travelling the world educating people about waste and sustainability. It may sound like something you’ve heard before, but this environmental project is all about cocktails. It’s called Trash Tiki and it’s popping up at Maybe Mae in February.

“We play a shitload of punk music, and throw parties all over the world and make drinks from stuff that’s normally thrown away,” says Ramage. “Sustainability has kind of become this boring word. It’s usually used for marketing and to sell something. We wanted to make it a lot more fun.”

Griffiths co-founded Dandelyan, number two on the World's 50 Best Bars list, where Ramage was head bartender.

The Adelaide pop-up will include a collaborative tasting dinner by neighbours Shobosho, paired with minimal waste cocktails. Each drink on the night will be made with a combination of fresh local Australian ingredients and would-be waste items from the kitchen or bar, paired with whiskeys from Maker’s Mark and Jim Beam. There will also be a "wild card" drink created using waste items left over from the dinner.

The pair has visited more than 25 cities since launching the project last year. “Having that community starting to talk about it globally is when we are going to start making some major steps,” Ramage says. “Stopping single use and packaging bullshit … The stickers on the limes.”

The Adelaide pop-up is one night only and follows events in Melbourne and Perth. The tour will continue on to Brisbane and Sydney.

Trash Tiki at Maybe Mae is on Friday February 23 from 6pm-9pm. Tickets are available online. You can find further details and dates here.