A new resident has moved into east-end bar BRKLYN, following the exit of pop-up slice joint New York Fold.

Facilitated by Renew Adelaide, Let’s Be Frank brings more Big Apple favourites to the borough-themed east-end bar. It’s a new concept by Emily Hanna and Josh O’Shaughenssey, the pair behind Nugg Lyf (and Uber Eats-only spin-off Netflix and Chilled) and Cluck Yeah Fried Chicken Festival, which debuted last month.

Instead of bringing one of their existing brands to the BRKLYN digs, the pair decided to roll with the theme and expand their portfolio with a new venture inspired by Hanna’s time living in New York. They'd dabbled in hotdogs a few years ago, but with a lack of kitchen space and most of their time devoted to Nugg Lyf, they weren’t able to keep it up – until now. “This was kinda like a passion project for us,” says Hanna.

While the space is still fairly small, the shop is serving five types of hotdogs; three tubs of cheesecake (Oreo, Nutella and Reese’s Pieces); curly fries; and egg rolls (mini frankfurters, sauerkraut and pickles wrapped in wonton wrappers and deep-fried) with sweet-mustard dipping sauce.

Hanna says they’re “keeping it simple” with the hotdogs (all priced between $7 and $9), which are named after Brooklyn neighbourhoods and loaded with the usual suspects. The Dumbo is a classic pickles, ketchup and mustard number; the Canarsie adds smoked cheese and bacon bits; and the Bushwick comes with sauerkraut and mustard. A vegan option is available too.

And for the late-night dessert seekers there’s Crack Pie, a “sweet, sticky, gooey caramel pie” that nods to chef Christina Tosi’s famous Milk Bar pie (which has since changed its name due to public pressure).

Let’s Be Frank is open when BRKLYN is. It’ll be available on Uber Eats soon, and there’ll be a portable catering cart too.