“New Nordic is a global food movement centred around very fresh, simple dishes,” says Mattis Vanzati, who heads an exciting venture coming to the inner north.

“It’s more a philosophy than a cuisine,” he says, “similar to Japanese [cooking], which hinges on using simple ingredients without over-preparing, over-processing the food. Trying to bring out the natural elements of food is the priority.”

Mattis is again teaming up with brothers Lukas and Liam Vanzati, and parents Louise and Bo Matschke, who together already operate five venues including Swedish Tarts, Malobo and Hermanos Cubanos.

When the family was approached to relocate Swedish Tarts to Prospect it countered with a different proposal. “We wanted to move forward and evolve what we were doing,” Mattis says.

New Nordic – the restaurant – will occupy a prime street-level tenancy at the base of the Palace Nova development on Prospect Road. The team is already sizing-up moviegoers. Architectural designer Lukas has created a small wine bar in the venue where audiences can grab a quick pre- or post-movie drink and a light meal. New Nordic will open for lunch, dinner and (probably) breakfast, making the most of council’s redevelopments along bordering Rose Street.

Mattis has been using Malobo as a testing ground for food concepts, and is being drawn towards a more formal style of service. The menu – which is yet to be finalised – will respect key principals of New Nordic cooking set out in the 2004 manifesto by chef, food activist and Noma co-founder Claus Meyer. Vanzati speaks in broad terms about dishes championing seasonal, local ingredients, but says he’ll leave the big decision to chefs Liam and Louise. “We’re all Swedish born and raised, so we know what we’re talking about.”

The bar will showcase Swedish specialities such as aquavit (a heavily spiced spirit made with caraway or fennel) that “you would drink with pickled seafood, like herring,” Mattis says. “It’s the sort of thing people in Sweden brew in their back sheds.” The shelves will also stock varieties of punsch, vodka, brännvin and schnapps. “It would be a shame for us not to bring a few of the recipes we grew up with.”

New Nordic will open in October.

New Nordic
94-98 Prospect Road, Prospect
0438 588 365