Jarrad Sharrock built Monday’s Coffee Company as a showcase for sustainable practices in the – at times sordidly unethical – coffee industry. Since opening Monday’s Coffee Store on Gawler Place in 2015, he’s been slipping a little ethics into people’s daily habits, often without them even knowing it. He's now launched a second storefront at 95 Grenfell Street.

At first, the ritzy foyer location in Chesser House – with its lush green wall and German-made designer furniture – seems an odd fit for a business that prides itself on supporting the little guy. But the collusion between landlord and tenant is greatly beneficial for both sides. “It’s really the way forward for espresso bars,” says Sharrock.

With CBD spaces being steadily priced out of reach for small businesses, locations like Chesser House are attractive opportunities. Likewise, the office-space market in Adelaide is increasingly competitive, and developers are looking for ways of seducing new clients. A chic, on-site espresso bar can be a big drawcard.

The concept is not new. Melbourne’s 580 Bench and Sensory Lab Collins Street prove partnerships like this can tick all the boxes. “It’s basically a collaboration between small business and people with money who build big buildings in the city,” says Sharrock. “It’s putting our best foot forward and targeting new markets.”

Sharrock sees any opportunity to increase the availability of sustainable coffee as a positive. “You can’t oversaturate a city with ethical coffee,” he says.

Double-storey windows facing onto Grenfell Street flood the broad, contemporary space with natural light. “It’s a little like a waiting room or an airport lounge,” says Sharrock. “You’re likely to spend too much time in one at some point, so might as well try and make it nice.”

The Monday’s part was designed by Sharrock, with help from furniture-maker Max Hunt, and built by Taku Kamikawa.

The shop serves coffee – roasted by Monday’s Coffee Company, of course – as well as pastries and counter food prepared at the Gawler Place store.

This article was updated on January 23, 2018.

Monday’s Coffee Store
95 Grenfell Street, Adelaide
Mon to Fri 7am–3pm
Sat to Sun closed