The first rule of Sew & Sew Secret Dinner Society is: shhhhh. Winemaker Jodie Armstrong is sick of knowing everything about an event before she goes. That’s why she launched Secret Dinner Society, a series of one-off meals in unique places. The catch? Everything is a secret until the last minute.

“It feels like you know everything about an experience before you attend these days,” she says. “You know where it is, what’s on the menu, what you’ll drink and who you’ll be sitting next to. It’s boring. I wanted something more” So, she created it.

The three-course meal will be held on February 11. Guests meet at the McLaren Vale Visitor’s Centre and are whisked off to a mystery location. They are returned after they’ve had their fill of food and entertainment. It’s an experience for people susceptible to FOMO. Tickets are limited and she’s determined to keep her mouth shut.

“It’s more fun for guests that way. Though I will tell you there will be a Frenchman dishing up something special.”

Armstrong has confirmed the event – themed “In The Trees” – features a three-course meal, Sew & Sew wine, live music and conversation in a spectacular setting.

“It’s very different to the first event in May last year. That was in a winemaker’s shed, surrounded by barrels and candlelight.”

The name Sew & Sew is from the wine range Armstrong co-produces. The idea for the dinner society came during a trip to South America. Armstrong was gobsmacked by the locals’ willingness to invite people into their homes for paid meals. Guests pay what they think the experience is worth. Jodie doesn’t follow that model (her dinner is $85 per ticket), but the surprise factor is there. “I want people to be completely surprised.”

Sew and Sew Secret Dinner Society: In The Trees is on February 11 at 6pm at a secret location. Tickets are $85 and available online