Sean’s Kitchen is hosting a month-long celebration of crustaceans with the return of its now-annual Crab Carnival.

For four weeks you can get your hands around chef Sean Connelly’s soft-shell-crab burger; salt and pepper Alaskan King Crab legs (“a knockout dish,” says Connolly); crab linguini; and Connolly’s signature mac’n’cheese, with crab of course.

“We’re using mud crab, king crab, blue swimmer crab … and within the king crab there’s Alaskan green and Alaskan gold crab,” says Connolly. So expect plenty of variety.

Tuesdays are dedicated to Connolly’s Singaporean chilli mud crab and Thursdays are all about the Louisiana Crab Broil, inspired by the communal cook-ups of America’s Deep South. For $40 you’ll get steaming blue swimmer crabs with corn on the cob, new potatoes (freshly harvested small, sweet potatoes) and chorizo.

“It’s just a beautiful, sweet meat,” says Connolly of his love for the versatile crustacean. “I don’t think we celebrate it enough.”

To drink? There’ll be crab-themed cocktails such as “Crab Apple Sangria” and the “Crabby Mary” – a Bloody Mary garnished with a fresh crab leg – plus local and European wines. Don a bib, raise your mallet and keep a few napkins nearby. This will get messy.

Crab Carnival runs from March 26 to April 22 at Sean’s Kitchen. The regular menu will be available during this time. To book a table phone (08) 8218 4244.