Madame Hanoi is spicing up its repertoire in honour of its first ever chilli festival. For four weeks from April 16 chilli fans will be able to relish in a menu that ranges in heat and flavour.

Dishes will incorporate one of 10 different types of chilli. Most originate from Central and South America but are grown in Queensland and sourced by Adelaide Central Market stall Wills and Daniel. The potency of each is measured using the Scoville scale: the chillies range from the “Bird’s eye” with a rating of roughly 50,000 Scoville Heat Units to the notorious “Carolina Reaper”, which during one Guinness World Record heat level test in 2017 topped out at 2,200,000 SHU. Executive chef Raj Kumar has applied a simple chilli rating system that enables guests to choose between a hum of heat and a fiery feast.

“One of the most exciting dishes is the crispy chicken wings,” restaurant manager Jake Williams says. This dish comes with the option to choose from four different sauces of varying spice levels. “The hottest sauce by far is the bhut jolokia garlic hoisin sauce, which is out of this world spicy,” Williams says. “It’s one for the big chilli aficionados.”

Another signature dish is the cayenne pork skewers. It comes with the option of playing “chilli roulette”, where diners are faced with a plate of four skewers that look exactly the same but one is spiked with the Carolina Reaper. “The roulette keeps it a bit exciting for a table of four who are feeling a bit gutsy,” Williams says.

For drinks there will be special cocktails to sip on between courses. The Chilli Mai Tai will keep your tastebuds scorching or, alternatively, you can cool off with a Cucumber Cooler, the only chilli-free item on the menu.

Chilli Festival runs from April 16 to May 12 at Madame Hanoi. To book a table phone (08) 8218 4166.

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