Duck terrine, chilli saucisson, baguettes and croissants baked daily – those are just a handful of the locally made smallgoods and pastries on offer at Les Deux Coqs’s tiny new shop on Prospect Road.

It’s the public face of French couple Bastien Verslype and Katia Vincon’s commercial kitchen, where Verslype has been producing goods for their Central Market stall since it opened 10 months ago.

“Many of our customers think we’re importing products and ask, ‘Where does that one come from?’ and we say, ‘Prospect! We’re making them here’,” says Verslype. He says he and Vincon are one of probably three or four makers of French smallgoods in Australia.

Almost all the products at Les Deux Coqs – 95 per cent, says Verslype – are produced in Prospect using local ingredients. The majority of these are then transported to the Market stall.

“The concept [of the Prospect shop] is totally different,” says Verslype. “For the shop at the Central Market, we did a lot of work on the outside [design] … to bring the French touch. This one is more commercial; it’s more like a factory outlet. You’ll find part of our range of smallgoods, all of our glass jars, and a selection of French cheeses. And we’re also baking some baguettes and croissants every morning.”

The first thing you’ll notice when entering the shop is the wall of glass jars. They’re filled with everything from rillettes (a preparation of meat similar to pate) to terrines. Then there are the fridges, brimming with cheese (including a selection from Burgundy, where Verslype is from), as well as products like French butter and truffle cream. You’ll also find cured meats, confits, sausages and more, all to take away.

Adelaide’s French community is small, so Verslype has been pleased to hear from customers who have visited France on work trips or vacation. “We’ve got a lot of Australian customers who have travelled at least once in France,” he says. “They know most of the products we’re selling, like the Burgundy ham.”

Verslype and Vincon will continue to expand their range of smallgoods. At the Central Market eatery, new recipes for winter are on the way.

Les Deux Coqs
5/194 Prospect Road,Prospect
0448 526 126
Mon to Thurs 8am–5pm