Following the arrival of Mornings’ second shopfront at Stem, owner Jason Barber has cut the ribbon on his third location: a Japanese-inspired coffee stop and convenience store in the Adelaide Railway Station.

Named Mornings Konbini, it’s a new take on his cafe concept, which until now has seen Barber set up shop in existing night spots (the first operates inside Malt & Juniper). It’s also the first to add a Japanese twist to the offering. There are pre-made sandos; onigiri (Japanese rice balls) from Roll and Roll; cheese tarts from Mr Cheese; and Japanese snacks such as Pocky sticks, Dars chocolate and cup noodles. It’ll also pump out Mornings’ signature double-shot coffee, supplied by local roaster Sublime.

The hole-in-the-wall site, built by Barber (a qualified engineer) with his dad and brother, is on the ramp leading up to North Terrace, among new neighbours such as Elementary Coffee and juicery Coco Jumbo.

Inspired by the convenience stores he experienced while travelling through Japanese train stations, Barber wants to service busy commuters with “fast, delicious and fresh” food options. He's also partnered with the app Skipp, which allows customers to pre-order and pay in advance. “We’re really trying to push the online ordering,” says Barber, “especially first thing in the morning. Ordering on the train, coming through and picking up coffee on the way really streamlines everything.”

In a few weeks Barber plans to unveil a vending machine that'll dispense all the same food options available at the cafe, as well as Japanese stationery and the popular sports drink Pocari Sweat. He also hopes to eventually stock his own flavoured almond milk – an evolution of his popular house-made all-natural almond milk – once he perfects the recipe and product design.

The vending machine will be available whenever the train station is open, even if the cafe is closed, allowing Barber to “sell things in off-peak times when it’s not really worth opening the cafe”. “The overnight staff have been pretty excited,” he adds, underscoring the demand from late-night stragglers and early-risers for thoughtful food options. In the long term he plans to install vending machines like this one around the city.

Mornings Konbini
125 North Terrace, Adelaide
Mon to Fri 7am–3pm