Jump in an UberX this weekend and you may get more than you bargained for. Ian Callahan of the Bar 9 group has teamed up with UberX to bring new product Ice Drip to the public. The beverage is a cold-brew coffee with a twist.

Using a Japanese ice-drip extraction method, Callahan, in collaboration with Mark Reginato (Man of Spirit), began brewing the product for industry use. “We created a product to replace the espresso in an Espresso Martini, for bars that don’t have coffee machines,” Callahan says.

The beverage is made by slowly dripping iced water over coffee grounds. It takes hours and results in a silky, floral coffee extract.

After Callahan distributed the product to most small espresso-less bars in Adelaide, the cold brew proved popular so he bottled it for sale. “A 100-ml bottle actually has the same amount of caffeine as two and a half shots of espresso,” he says.

“Say you might have an energy drink before a night out to stay awake but hate the sweet taste. It’s a great replacement. This has a texture and colour similar to port in viscosity, but without the sweetness and very little bitterness due to the cold extraction.”

From Friday afternoon free samples will circulate around as many UberX cars as Callahan can supply. In May Uber threatened to leave South Australia for good, citing overly expensive set-up fees for its self-employed drivers. The following week the car service offered free rides throughout Adelaide. We wonder what move it’ll make next. For now, we’re happy to stay up all night and drink coffee.

“We’re hoping for most riders to have one but don’t want to promise it in case we run out,” says Callahan.

The product will also be available as of Monday at all Bar 9 locations (Parkside, David Jones Basement and Outreach.