Adelaide’s smallest and only sake bar opens tonight. Designers Takeshi Iue (Khai Liew) and Matt Stuckey (Be Friendly) are behind the pop-up, which only lasts a brief three weeks.

The venue is on Ebenezer Place, in the space formerly occupied by Council of Objects. It will be the home of Sake Society until March 12, before new tenants arrive.

Both Iue and Stuckey have worked to design and fit-out the venue after hours, turning it over in a matter of days. “We’ve built the central bar specifically to fit the space, and because of the small area, we’ll only have room for 20 seats,” Stuckey says.

The bar will house a modest but well-balanced range of Japanese sake and whiskeys selected by Stuckey and Iue, with guidance from Melbourne sake master Andre Bishop.

“We really want it to be about experiencing the sake. We don’t want it to be a copy of a Japanese sake bar, you can’t recreate the community vibe or the keepsakes that decorate a place like that. Stuckey says the space will be “simple and clean” so as not to detract from the experience of the drink.

Bishop will host a series of masterclasses that are available for pre-booking. Guests will have the opportunity to taste his handmade sake. You can also book a sake flight of six sakes with six food pairings. With such limited capacity, you’ll want to reserve your spot at the bar.

Sake and whisky will be available by the glass for every price range, plus a few top shelf treats. “We managed to get the last four bottles of a sake that won top 50 in the world from a supplier in Sydney,” says Stuckey. “Once that’s gone, that’s it.”

Sake Society will run from February 24 to March 12.

Sake Society
16 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide

Thurs to Sat 6pm–12am