An elegant, stone building off Hutt Street is home to Fawn, a new cafe with community at heart.

The pad was built in 1871, originally as a local store in which neighbours would mingle. Business owner Amber Bennett hopes to rekindle that friendly spirit. “I want locals to come and talk to each other and build friendships,” she says.

Fawn’s name is homage to Bennett’s old stomping ground, Stag Espresso, in Edinburgh. She’d moved to Scotland four years ago, pursuing a career in design, and fell in love with the coffee culture there. Upon her return to Adelaide, she opened the Gilles Street cafe in March 2016.

Bennett rolled up her sleeves and set about the painting and cementing. Her design background came in handy during the fit-out. As did her family. “They came in on the weekend to help,” she says. “Dad built all the tables, which he’s pretty chuffed about.”

On the menu it’s all about Dawn Patrol coffee and simple breakfast and lunch options, including crumpets, sausage rolls, salads and sandwiches. A rotating selection of baked goods is also available, made by Bennett “My grandma was a really good baker,” she says. “I must have inherited some of her genes.”

Fawn Coffee
269 Gilles Street

Mon to Fri 7.30am–4pm
Sat 8.30am–3pm