Some venues come into our life for a reason, some for a season. And so it is that Hindmarsh Square ramen shop Dunfor Noodle Bar is succumbing to its name and closing after just eight months. The news was announced on Instagram last night and the final day of trade is this Sunday, June 26.

The shop was the much anticipated bricks-and-mortar evolution of chef Justin Healy’s Quality Noods pop-ups. It quickly established itself as some of this city’s best ramen – thanks in part to Healy’s dedication to quality produce from ethical, regenerative local producers such as Nomad Farms and Ngeringa. Its symbiotic relationship with Loc Bottle Bar two doors down was a game changer for the Hindmarsh Square corner, Healy’s ramen the perfect elixir after a few natural wines, which could be slurped in-house or over at Loc’s tables.

Healy tells Broadsheet the closure is for personal reasons unrelated to the business. “It’s a good thing for me, personally,” he says. “I’m taking some time for myself and it was an opportune time … Luckily someone’s going to come in and take the space. It was really fortuitous.” (Keep an eye on Broadsheet for more information on the future of the space.)

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As for Healy’s next steps, he’s taking a little step back from hospitality but says he’ll be working “service adjacent”. And fans of his noodles can take heart: his pop-ups are likely to return at some point, “someway, somehow”.

For now, though, head to Dunfor Noodle Bar on Sunday to get your last bowl for a little while.