It’s best known for great live music, but city pub The Jade (formerly The Jade Monkey) now serves breakfast. Expect a brunch menu with a Southeast Asian twist, courtesy of the crew behind resident Cambodian food truck Phat Buddha Rolls.

“We’ve always wanted to expand to breakfast,” says co-owner Zac Coligan. “The coffee machine has been here since the beginning and recently, with our lunch offerings, there has been a lot of demand for early-morning service.”

Among new menu items are a bacon, cheese, hash brown and onion stack finished with espresso jus, and a duck, mushroom and cheese toastie, aptly named the Quack of Dawn.

“It’ll be good to give people more options and encourage them to return at different times,” Coligan says. Now you can hang out in the morning with a pot of tea at the very venue that gave you your hangover.

The charming pub deserves to be appreciated in the morning sun and will be open for breakfast patrons from Tuesday, June 21. An indoor fireplace and coffee by Five Senses fends off the chill, but if you have to run, takeaway is available too.

The Jade
160 Flinders Street, Adelaide
0402 299 301

Tue to Wed 7am–3pm
Thu to Sat 11am–late
Sun 11am–3pm